Communication Apprehension And Its Effect On The Speech Essay

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Some of us might ever feel stage fright when we have to give a presentation. We might feel nervous, our heart pounding so fast, our palms become sweaty, and our voice sound unsteady. In our mind, we have thought that that we are worry about the presentation, whether the content is good or not. We also worry about the audience opinion, what kind of their perception about our presentation, negatively or positively. Somehow we afraid when people staring at us as the center of attention. This situation is called communication apprehension. The fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with others has been defined as communication apprehension (McCroskey, 1977).
If we want overcome the fear, we will move on to the stage and giving our speech. However, if we have high level of communication apprehension (CA), we would likely to avoid the presentation. People have high level in communication apprehension (CA), they would likely to avoid other situations that require them to do communication with others. Even when they are attending a meeting, they are rarely to speak about their opinion. This avoidance, especially in a workplace, would be considered as a refusal on a task that is given to us by our supervisor or manager. This might have negative influences to our performance since we are incapable in executing the tasks. The evaluation from the supervisor on a performance appraisal would likely lower than people with low CA. They might feel that we…

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