Essay about Communication And The Field Of Nursing

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In every career there is some aspect of communication, that being verbal or nonverbal. Some jobs require workers to write emails or reports, to talk to customers, or to perform services, however, nursing requires all types and forms of communication at all times. Nurses have to communicate through writing when shooting an email about their client’s health to another school, writing a care plan, or completing research. Nurses have to communicate through body language when working with a patient who is unable to hear or even when trying to making good impressions with the client. Lastly, but not limited to, nurses communicate verbally with their patient, patient’s family and their colleagues. Considering the importance of effective communication in the field of nursing, it is my main goal to learn all of the ways I can effectively communicate to reduce error, make clients comfortable, and maintain structure in the work environment. The first idea I obtained about communication from nursing foundations was that the standard writing format in nursing and all sciences is American Psychological Association (APA). Having a standard writing format makes it easier for others to easily look for sources and ideas used in writings. This information will be helpful throughout my entire nursing career because I will always have to write a report. Another concept I learned about communicating through writing that will also be useful throughout my career is that the Betty Neuman Model can…

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