Essay on Communication And The Communication Process

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Communication is a two-way process of transferring information to reaching an understanding. A manager that is active shows a clear way of communicating. According to the text “manager communication, is the process by which information gets exchanged and understood by two or more people who are usually with the intent to influence or motivate a behavior" (pg. (page 194) A manager uses an effective communication skill to execute his orders and work efficiently. Because having minimum skill in communicating will give less efficient work and hence offer poor management.
We start to look at the model of the communication which includes the elements of the communication process. We have to understand that communication is not as simple as most people think. It might bring misunderstandings and confusion when communicating with different people. Managers are flexible in sending and receiving messages, and shall not base on, not listening to others. A manager shall understand what needs to get communicated shall be recognized with its complexity. An employee will encode the message that got sent through a channeling medium. Different mediums include text message, emails, phone calls, etc. after the employee decodes the message, the worker provides a feedback to the manager using a desired medium.
Errors are very common in communication, due to several factors affecting distinctive people, such as employees, having diverse values, attitudes, and knowledge may interpret messages…

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