Communication And Its Effect On Me Essay

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Communications involves a variety of different concepts. One of them being the nature of which communication takes place. No matter how you go about it, communications will involve interdependent individuals. Meaning, in the communication process what one individual says to the other will have an impact. The impact could be either negative or positive. I have had many personal experiences with this. My mother and I are obviously connected, considering she gave birth to me and raised me and cared for me and etcetera. Because of the relationship we have, anytime she gives me advice, I listen and that creates an everlasting impact on me. There are two main ways of communicating: verbal and nonverbal. After the first few days in COMM 2110 and hearing that more than 70 percent of communication is nonverbal, I started watching people. Besides the obvious ways of nonverbal communication nowadays like texting, messaging, and sending pictures, body language emits more emotion and meaning than all the rest. Devito phrases it as “nonverbal signals indeed carry more of your meaning than the words you use…” My parents always use the saying “it is not what you say, it is how you say it.” And I never applied that to my life until lately. Just think about it this way, a married couple telling each other how much they love each other. One says it with sincerity, a big smile on their face, and you can see the passion they have for their spouse in their eyes. The other, says it out of…

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