Communication And Developing Therapeutic Relationships With Patients

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Nearing the end of my rotation on the Maternal/Infant unit, I can confidently say that my practical patient care skills, such as bathing newborns, have improved greatly, fortunately completing one of my learn goals. However, my second goal, which is related to communication and developing therapeutic relationships with patients, is still a goal I am unsatisfied with. I believe that I am unable to reach these goals stems from my lack of confidence and fear that I will offend my nurse’s client. To compensate and to eventually attain this goal, I constantly observe to other health care providers’ communication skills with their patients’. In my observations, I have considered and appreciated many of the communication skills; one of my favourite interactions was on the labour and delivery unit by an anesthetist.
To add on, I was privileged once again to be on the labour and delivery unit to observe a vaginal delivery. My nurse was helpful toward the mother and her family; she addressed all of the mother’s concerns, offered words of encouragement, completed all the required vital signs, and monitored the fetal heartbeat and updated the mother. The nurse’s “attentive gaze” to the patient or being fully present with the new mother (recognizing the patient and addressing their needs), ultimately establishes that therapeutic relationship (Goldberg, 2005).
I was also really impressed by the introductory engagement to a therapeutic relationship between the anesthetist and the mother.…

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