Communication And Conflict Between Parents And Adolescents Essay example

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Communication and Conflict between Parents and Adolescents John P. Caughlin and Rachel S. Malis present us with an article related to the communication issues between parents and adolescents. Their piece “Demand/Withdraw Communication between Parents and Adolescents as a Correlation of Relational Satisfaction” (Caughlin and Malis). John Caughlin is a Professor at the University of Illinois in the Department of Communication. Professor Caughlin’s work has been related to interpersonal communication and close relationships. During his most current work, he is examining technologies role with communication and relationships (Univ. of Illinois). Ms. Rachel Malis - Reznik, according to the Elmhurst College faculty listing, is an Associate Professor, with her Ph.D in Communication Studies, from Northwestern University. Ms. Malis at the time of the article was a graduate student at the University of Illinois. Like Professor Caughlin, she also researches interpersonal processes. Her focus is on ongoing relational conflicts and its impact on mental and physical well-being of individuals (Elmhurst).
The article that I choose focuses on conflict between parents and children during adolescents and the relational satisfaction they find in each other as they work through conflict and issues. Caughlin and Malis bring information related to past studies regarding parent and adolescent’s well-being and relation satisfactions. They look at why some can constructively deal with conflict…

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