Communication And Communication : Communication Essay

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Context in Communication
The context of a communication will strongly influence the ability of the source to convey the message and the receiver to interpret it effectively. There are five main types of communication context which we will review, all are important to understand when communicating in a business environment.
Intrapersonal communication is the internal dialogue we have with ourselves, a soliloquy is a common way to organize thoughts and prepare for a future communication. I am verbalizing my thoughts now as I prepare this paper, communicating with myself I am able to formulate my message and hear if it sounds right. Intrapersonal communication may also have a negative affect; a person with low self esteem may have an internal voice casting doubt on their abilities or calling them fat when they look in the mirror. How we communicate with ourselves effects how we interact with others and perceive situations. Interpersonal communication is generally between two people and can be anywhere from intimate to impersonal. In certain situations it is the cultural norm to carry on a conversation with someone you know, for example when riding the bus or the train. Conversations with acquaintances usually begin with one person asking the other how it is going. The answer will most likely be good, fine, or not bad, even if it is not, this is done for the sake of courtesy, an honest answer is generally reserved for people we know better. Aside from general inquiries…

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