Communication and Collaboration Essay

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Communication and Collaboration
Nicole Martin
Instructor: Ms. Z. Dabney
University of Phoenix – Online Campus

In this paper I will indentify various learning types and personality types. I will also develop strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively within group of people with different learning team learning styles and personality types. There are three basic learning styles. The most common are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. To learn, we depend on our senses to process the information around us. Most people tend to use of their senses more than the others. There are four different personality types are the organizer, adventure, giver, and thinker.
Types of Learning Skills
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These types of learners rely on what they can directly experience or perform. Activities such as cooking, construction, engineering and art help these types of learners in the learning process.
Types of Personalities
The person that in an organizer has this personality type is normally orderly, functional, and is structured as a whole. The organizer likes to arrange things in a coherent form. Like for instance this person would organize his/her thoughts before saying what they are thinking about. The person that is organized likes to arrange things in many different desired patterns or structures. Like for instance while panting a picture on a canvas. This person likes to arrange things systematically for harmonious of united actions. This person would be the one to get the group together.
The person that is an adventure likes to undertake on enterprises of a hazardous nature. This person likes to undertake thinks of questionable nature. These things would involve intervention in another stat’s affairs. This person enjoys taking part in unusual of exciting experiences. This person has a deep love for nature and all of the exciting and/or hazardous things that may come along with it. This person will take on financial speculation or business ventures.
This person will be the person that is willing to donate their time to a good cause. This person is will step up and do

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