Communication And Collaboration With Students, Parents, And Staff

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As an administrator, sustaining a school culture is one of my most critical tasks. The culture of the school is one of the determining factors as to whether students, parents, and staff feel comfortable, encouraged, and welcomed enough to succeed. Collaboration amongst all parties involved takes place on a regular basis. Anytime there is a shared decision to be made, a brainstorming session will take place before hand to make sure all ideas are considered. Collaboration cannot take place without clear communication. Therefore, communication is high on the list of priorities. Communication from myself as the administrator comes in many forms, depending on who it is with. For example, communication and collaboration with staff comes in the form of emails, one on one discussions, weekly staff meetings, coaching situations, and surveys. Communication and collaboration with students takes place over daily announcements, visits to the classroom, one on one discussions, and surveys. Communication and collaboration with parents comes in the form of newsletters, phone calls, one on one discussions, small group discussions, and surveys. The monitoring of school programs is reviewed by a group of building experts, parents, and myself. We meet quarterly, if not more, to review data, research, and surveys to track progression of progress within programs. Plans of action are then created to make changes to, sustain, or discontinue program. Throughout the year we receive…

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