Essay on Communication, Analytical, Harmony, Futuristic, And Woo

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Part 1 A. My StrengthFinder results in order are communication, analytical, harmony, futuristic, and woo. My results accurately describe me and have face value. According to StrengthFinder, people with communication as a theme “generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words.” I feel this describes me very well. I have always been outgoing and have not had a problem with speaking my mind. Being older now, one of the stories older family members tell me all the time is how outgoing I have always been. Whenever my sister and I were introduced to someone new, I would walk right up to them and start talking. I was famous for saying “Hi I’m Paige and this is my sister Brittany. She’s shy and doesn’t talk much.” They also told me whenever someone asked us a question I would always answer for the both of us. I can also see how I am very good at communication now because of my job. I work as a teller at Bristol County Savings Bank. At the bank, I have to interact with customers all day and make their experience positive. I love talking to the customers about their life and getting to know them. Being a smaller bank, it is much easier to do so and my skills help a lot. The only part about this result that surprised me was that it said they are good presenters. I am a good presenter, but that is often one of the only times my communications do not help as I get nervous.
My next StrengthFinder result, analytical, describes me well, too. I am always looking for explanations for…

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