Communication Accommodation Theory: Communication Accommodation Theory And The Cross-Cultural Theories

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Register to read the introduction… The theory explains how a person adjusts the use of language in response to the other. (Giles, 1988) Communication between two people from different groups is often accommodated in the way of speaking to gain approval. People who Swardspeak often has a set of argot to hide from others what they are talking about. In terms of intercultural communication, CAT has been used to explain why two people adjust their communication style toward or away from each other during cross-cultural interactions. In cross-cultural encounters, CAT suggests that convergence is used to improve communication clarity and comprehension. It is argued that “interpretability strategies” such as simplifying syntax, decreasing the diversity of vocabulary, and changing pitch and loudness, are used to improve clarity. Giles and other communication scholars believe that communication accommodation is used to seek appreciation of those from diverse cultures or groups (Rodriquez, 1996). The process of interweaving the speaker’s style to the label they have been given is the Communication Accommodation Theory. According to Howard Giles communication accommodation theory “provides an informative platform from which to understand how we adapt our communication when we interact with others.” “When interacting with others, individuals will accommodate their speech and language patterns, either by matching their …show more content…
For one, I was recently surprised when my own 60-year old father used “kinarir” in his usual morning conversation with my mother. “Karir,” of course, is from the word “career,” and when someone is seen seriously involved with something or even someone suddenly, everyone readily flicks the word “kinarir” and understands it for what it is.
But how are gay words formed in the first place? Murphy Red, in his essay “Gayspeak in the Nineties” (Ladlad2), said that gayspeak observes no rules as far as its structure is concerned but its “evolution is rapid , like the ‘queens’ who have started to break the walls of the subculture.” He cited the word chaka (meaning cheap) and how it evolved from “chapter, champaka, chapacola, or chararat to champorado, chapluk, chapa, chop suey and champola.” ( Alba, 2006)

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California to Require Gay History in Schools

LOS ANGELES — California will become the first state to require public schools to teach gay and lesbian history.
As expected, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that mandates that the contributions of gays and lesbians in the state and the country be included in social science instruction and in textbooks. School districts will have until next January to begin implementing the new law, which was also promoted in part as a way to combat bullying of gay and lesbian

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