Essay Communicating with Families (Teacher)

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Task 1

Communcation With Families

In the speech this teacher gives to her class' parents, sensitivity is demonstrated in a few different ways. She included several handouts of the classroom rules, and things to be expected of the students; even including information from the state education office and the national standards for Social Studies. The teacher provided email access to her, as well as instructions to get to the school's website and access how to email the teacher. The teacher took into consideration that many parents work during school hours, so she has one day a week set aside to to answer any question sand concerns until 8pm, and a calendar of the days in which she will be
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"Parents cannot use information that they cannot understand." (Mendoza, 2003, pg. 1) The easier it is for parents to understand how to help their children, the more helpful they can be. Also, the teacher could have provided ways in which parents can be more involved in the learning process: asking their children about school daily, alloting homework times, limiting tv times. “Increasing a parent's involvent in education activities, leads to higher expectations of the children.” (Kauchak&Eggen, 2008, pg. 14) Parents can be very busy in their daily lives, from home life to working, dealing with children-- Life can be hectic! However, a parent's role is vital for a child's education. Although a teacher is there during the day to lead children through their lessons and daily work. “Activies related to school in students' homes also influence their learning.” (Kauchak&Eggen, 2008, pg. 121) Parents are there to facilitate these behaviors. It's important for parents to encourage their children to talk about school, and to assist with homework. However, it’s difficult to help children when all the information and guidelines you provide to parents is unable to be understood. As a teacher, I plan to send home information for parents on how to help their children get the most of their education; it wll be available in the various home languages of my

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