Essay on Communicating Skills That Need Work

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“Yours are the communicating skills that need work, boss. We’re having a discussion here, I’m not one with your thought process.” “Oh really? Sure feels different,” his snideness is boundless. “Hey, extrapolating information is what I do, remember?” Halon’s breath has the texture of annoyance on it, “Pick one, why don’t you?” “Fine. Please, keep talking. Besides, we… ” I fall into silence. I can tell he’s not too happy with my choice. He’d rather transmit everything to my thoughts at once. Within seconds I’d be out that door, left to sort through the sensory information, relying on a sync that we once had to decrypt it. Things’ve changed, and we might aren’t as bonded as we once were. All recent interaction and miscommunications certainly suggest so. I sense an understanding from him, and he opens his mouth to continue, “I received an order, just now, to pass onto you. She wants you to report.” “What have we been doing?” “To her,” he clarifies. “I’ve never had the honor,” my tone betrays the lack of sincerity. He nods, grinning. “What might it be about?” “I’ve a hunch.” “And?” He shakes his head, “I wasn’t cleared to inform you.” “I’m guessing that’s not a permanent stance?” I ask, already understanding how I was to gain said clearance. “Go see her.” Knew it. "You just love to keep me busy don 't you? I literally just got back," I make light again, but Halon is not having it. Sighing, I switch demeanor to follow his all-business attitude. “Say, Sir…

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