Essay about Communicate the Value

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Week 6: Communicate the Value

Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor Janell Harvey
Marketing 522
February 11, 2016 Why are we developing a new IMC campaign? Problem: Chipotle a well know Mexican Grill, has provided millions of customers over the past 22 years with high-quality, fresh food in a fast paced environment; giving them an experience to remember. However, in the past 2 years we have experienced to E.coli outbreaks that have affected numerous customers. In 2015 55 people were infected, in 11 states and 21 of them were hospitalized. Then in 2016, another E.coli outbreak infected 5 people in 3 states in which 1 person were hospitalized. (CNBC.COM) Given the recent issue, Chipotle has lost trust in its customers,
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“When thinking about places to eat, the E.coli issue bumps Chipotle down the list”. “Have not eaten there since the crisis began”.
These are just a few thing customers are saying about the brand, which lets us know the outbreak is at the forefront of their minds and will continue to affect their decision about dining with us. We want customers to see us as a friendly restaurant chain, that prides itself on ensuring our customers health and safety is our main objective. We must persuade customers that we are serving high quality, fresh food again. The main issue is food safety and we must find ways to convey this message to our customers in an innovative way. The message will inform customers that we are indeed revamping our old system with a new food safety plan. This will be done thru constant communication with our customers. Some examples would be:
• Video that shows customers where/how the supply chain has changed.
• Go public as to what the new food safety procedure will entail (more in-depth testing, centralized food stations). Timeframe for delivery of message? We will need to make this happen within 3 months, while there is urgency to get our new message out, we want to ensure it is done correctly and all measures to be taken will indeed prevent outbreaks.
Message delivery Knowing that many of our customers are involved in social media will use this method of delivery, along with our website and T.V. commercials. The most

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