Compu-Graphix Case Study

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The sign industry is a very competitive industry. Competitors locally and nationally compete to be the dominate leader. Compu-Graphix, like many small local companies, is competing for their share in market and is left to ask themselves what differentiates them from their competition. Currently, their technology plan is believed to limit their ability to grow as an industry leader. Direct competitors use state-of-the-art printing machines, advanced computers, and exceptional design software to exceed their customer’s expectations. In contrast, Compu-Graphix uses five-year-old equipment and software. This immediately puts them at a disadvantage when potential customers view their ability against a direct competitor. Compu-Graphix will expand …show more content…
With Compu-Graphix current outdated software, competitors immediately have the upper hand. The team recommends that the latest version of Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) be installed for the graphic designer. In addition to this upgrade, Roland Company provides proprietary software that is compatible to the all VersaExpress printers. This intermediary software puts an art design into a printable format. There are several feature and benefits are worth noting. First, the software can organize many designs and arranges them into one efficient layout keeping printing material to a minimum. Second, it also keeps a detailed printing history of material and ink used during projects. This allows the print operations manager to plan more efficiently which will save Compu-Graphix money.
Compu-Graphix will maintain its current computers but will need to purchase a new NAS server. The team recommends the QNAP TVS-1271U-RP for its reliable features that enable easy sharing of files, data backups, and support for cloud syncing ( This server will be a great addition to the future needs and demands of employees.
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The team believes that the VersaExpress printer will provide a minimum of five years growth for the company. The purchase of the new iMac and iPad Pro will allow the graphic designer to grow with the industry standard. Not only will the printer and additional hardware allow scalability for the company but also the software. The team has chosen Adobe CC and VersaExpress software to enhance the five-year growth goal. These primary and secondary purchases will allow continued and sustained growth of Compu-Graphix.
Compu-Graphix has approved $50,000 budget over the next five years for the implementation of new information technologies. The team carefully considered meeting the needs that would truly benefit the company. Upgrading the current printer to a Roland VersaExpress RF-640 is believed to be the primary focus which secondary purchases being in hardware, software, and devices.
Training the staff on the new equipment and software will be vital to the quick success of the company. Compu-Graphix has decided to dedicate five percent ($2,500) of the budget amount to training over a two-month period. This training will include webinars, training videos, and resource from Roland company. The training will be divided into eight-week sessions held each Friday for two hours. The graphic designer, print operations manager, and office personnel will learn and master Adobe CC, VersaExpress

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