Essay about Common Themes Throughout The 19th Century

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Common themes throughout United States history are war, women’s rights, slavery, abolitionism, and religion. What these events all have in common in some way or another is the aptitude of reform. However, the 18th and 19th century present different methods on how they deal with change. During the 18th century elite members of society were not fond of reform. However, people during the 19th century had a different pespective. The chief difference between 18th and 19th century was the transition from lack of individual rights to establishing a society where individual rights became protected. The early colonial period viewed reform as a means of rebellion. During this era individuals possessing rights was unheard of, especially women. However, Anne Hutchinson and Nathaniel Bacon had other ideas. Both of them had different missions in their rebellion but provide examples of how the societal hierarchy functioned. Bacon was a military man who lived in Virginia and Hutchinson was devout religious leader who resided in Massachusetts (later Rhode Island). Women’s role in society (especially the church) was inferior to men. Hutchinson did not agree with this view point and started having bible studies in her house. No one cared as long as it was only women. However, when men started to come it created tension because women were projected to commit sin before men. This was the puritan way; how could an “unqualified” woman be leading men in bible study. In addition to the opposing…

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