Common Themes In Toni Morrison's Work

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Toni Morrison (1931- ) inherits a unique ability to create layers of significant meanings in her works. Her creations are not only rich in themes but she also masters in creating dynamic plots. Apart from the many particular themes that apply to specific novels, Morrison also runs many common themes prevalent in American setup in her novels. By taking a closer look at some of these common themes-such as racial tension, sexism, alienation, classism etc-it is evident that Morrison is extremely dedicated in her writing and quite successful in reflecting an overall message of harmony, left for the readers to discover in the end.
Morrison’s longstanding greatness resides in her ability to animate specific stories about the Black experiences and
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They moved to Georgia. At that time Frank’s mother Ida was pregnant. Frank remembers this time as one of the most difficult time of his life when they were homeless and jobless. They have to leave their household goods, pet animals, fields, property and home. Through Frank Morrison has presented a very heart touching scene, ‘‘Mama cried, but the baby she carried was more important than kettles, canning jars, and bedding.’’(39) On the way his mother gave birth to a girl child whose name was Cee (Ycidra). Frank’s family reached to Lotus, Georgia where they lived in home of their grandfather, Salem and step grandmother, Lenore. Cee was badly treated and hated by Lenore because she was born on road,‘‘Lenore took it as a very bad sign for Cee’s future that she was born on the road’’ (44). Frank’s parents start to work as field workers to earn the livelihood. It was Frank who looked after little Cee in their absence. When Frank went off to serve Korean War Cee ran away with a boy named Prince. They left Lotus and went to Atlanta by Lenore’s car which they borrowed from her. After sometime Prince left Cee and ran away with the car, for which he married to her. Being afraid of Lenore’s anger Cee decided to live in Atlanta and not to go to Lenore’s home. She searches a job of an assistant to a white doctor named Dr.

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