Common Symptoms Of Dysarthria

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Register to read the introduction… "Slurred" speech and speaking softly or barely being able to whisper are common symptoms. Also, they may have a slower than average rate of speech or just the opposite, a rapid rate of speech but it is spoken unclearly. There is limited range of motion of the tongue, lip and jaw and the rhythm of speech is abnormal. Many times people with dysarthria sound nasal or stuffy as well as hoarse and out of breath. Due to weak muscles they may drool or have poor control of their saliva. Also they may experience problems with chewing and/or …show more content…
Many computers are now set up with voice output devices. The person with dysarthria can type the words on a regular computer keyboard. The words produced on the screen of the computer are then output through speakers. This method may be a little faster because some programs are able to predict words and sentences as the person is typing.
Depending on the severity of the dysarthria some children may have difficulty learning. If the dysarthria is very mild, it may have little effect on the understandability of speech. In this case, the children are able to attend regular classes. These children can learn almost as well as the other children in their class. The only difference is that they will probably be in speech therapy after school and may have to go to a speech resource classroom at some point during the school day.
If the severity of the dysarthria is at a medium level, the child may be in a separate classroom because this now becomes a learning disorder. This child will probably need much more one on one attention throughout the school day in order to understand the lesson and in order for the teacher to understand the
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Lack of precise motor control needed to produce and sequence sounds causes distorted and repeated sounds. An organic speech impairment may be a child's primary disability, or it may be secondary to other disabilities, such as mental retardation or cerebral palsy."

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