Essay on Common Sexually Transmitted Infections ( Hpv )

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Human Papillomavirus Human Pappilomavirus, more commonly known as HPV, is a group of over one hundred and fifty viruses. It is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Almost all sexually active men and women will contract HPV at some point in their life. It infects the genitals of men and women, can cause warts and cancer. Cervical cancer is generally associated with HPV. There is no cure or treatment but it can be prevented in the event that one was to contract the virus.
Contracting HPV
HPV is spread through sexual contact with someone who has the virus. Oral, anal and vaginal sex put you at risk of contracting the virus. Having multiple sex partners, who have multiple sex partners increases your risks. Contagious warts that can form anywhere on the body are a symptom of HPV. In men they may form around the anus, on the scrotum and penis. They may itch but rarely cause pain and discomfort. Women typically get them on the legs. Touching someones warts without gloves or protection, puts you at risk for contracting the virus. A person can go years with no symptoms of the virus, leaving it untreated. It can last for years or you may have the virus for the rest of your life. There are more than 3 million cases in the United States every year. There is no treatment, the body normally rids itself of the infection over the course of
a few years and was found in research that almost ninety percent of women infected show no trace of the virus after two years.

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