Common Sense By Thomas Paine Essay

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In Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, he explains the differences between society and government. He says our desires created society while being evil and wicked created the government. Society makes people happy because it brings positive feelings while the government restricts our evil behavior. Paine describes government as a sort of punishment for our evil behavior. He compares society to a blessing, and government is malicious in every form. Paine says man had to give up part of their property to lawgivers and government, so they could keep the people safe. Paine uses an example to explain why people created government in the first place. His example is people settled on earth unconnected from the rest and formed a society. A society of multiple people would form, and they would have all have different wants and needs. Due to their differences in wants, they will need help from other people. For example, one person is too weak to cut wood, and then they will have to rely on another person to cut that wood for the rest of the society to have fires to keep warm. Also, disease and sickness could kill of people of that society, and that society needs new people now to fulfill other people’s wants and needs. Emigrants would join the newly formed society too. As more emigrants migrated to the new society, laws and government would become a necessity to keep them balanced and safe. Government would join society together to establish a common cause, to set up morals and rules, to…

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