Common Sense By Thomas Paine Essays

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Another document was the pamphlet, Common Sense written by Thomas Paine. Common sense was written as a push to the colonist to break ties with Britain. Americans could not easily break ties with Britain, as simply as1, 2, and 3. Also, many colonists since birth have worship the king and England. There was a fear of how common people can rule themselves. Therefore Pain wrote Common Sense and “encourage colonist to break free from England and start a new independent and democratic society” (The American Revolution: A Writer’s War, 11). Paine argued that the “concept of an island ruling a continent defied natural law and the people have the power to begin a world again” (The American Revolution: A Writer’s War, 11).
Colonial military tactic were revolutionary as well. The use of new tactic such as militia, minutemen, guerrilla warfare, and the use of a pen proven successful against the British government. After heeding the warning of Paul Revere, Minutemen, a small band of elite gun slingers, able to assemble in a minute notice, and Patriots met British forces at Lexington. After a flurry of gunfire, several minutemen were left dead and British forces moved on to Concord. However British forces were force to retreat due to the number of the militia. Militias were often farmers, common people, or anyone with arms to protect towns and invasions. “The patriots incorporate guerrilla-style tactics attacked the Redcoats as they retreated”(The American Revolution: A Solder’s War, 1).…

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