Common Mistakes That Graphic Designers Make Essay

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Common mistakes that Graphic designers make.
What is graphic designing? Graphic designing is an art of creating a visual image to communicate something to the targeted audience. It involves a creative process of thinking and reasoning which aims at achieving certain objectives as per the plan with the use of images, symbols or words. Graphic designers act as a link between the client and the audience. They help shape up the project by creating, designing, developing and marketing a visual image in order to attract the audience. It helps in advertising, web development, print media, animation and multimedia. Graphic designing involves 2 types that is the Image based designing and Typography.
Image based designing which involves illustrations and info graphics that are used to create an artistic design on books, magazines, posters, book covers, websites, comic books, newspapers and other means of communicating a visual message tends to create an attractive appearance. Designers help to create images based on their own creative knowledge. They create these images by associating the traits and instinctive of the desired personality which would add a visual interest to the audience. These image based designs tend to carry an entire message in the form of photography, painting, or drawing. The message conveyed is not only information but involves moods and emotions. The designer transcribes all the elements of designing into the image to create an artistic picture.…

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