Essay about Common Misconceptions Of Diabetes And Diabetic Care

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In December of 2015 an average of 8.1% of Texans had prediabetes and 11.0% had diabetes,

there were approximately 5,260 deaths caused by diabetes in the state of Texas, and Medicaid

spent more than $280 million on patients with diabetes (Texas Department of State Health

Services). Why are these numbers so high? There are common misconceptions relating to

diabetes and diabetic care, and many people have false beliefs in this disease and medical care,

even those who have the disease. A study was funded by the National Institute on Aging and the

Center for the Study of Health Beliefs and Behavior. The study interviewed patients who had

long-standing diabetes, meaning that they had had diabetes for an average of 13 years and were

regular insulin users. The study found that twelve percent of the participants interviewed

believed they only had their diabetes when their blood glucose levels were too high, basically a

belief that their diabetes was not always there. Fifty-six percent of the participants believed that

their blood glucose was too high only when it was >200 mg/dl. (Normal blood glucose for a

person without diabetes is <100 mg/dl upon awakening, and >140 mg/dl two hours after meals

(Diabetes Self-Management)) Also, twenty-three percent believed that they did not have to take

their medication if their blood glucose levels were normal that day (ADA Diabetes Care).

Many people and diabetic patients believe that their diabetes does not have severe…

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