Common Ground And The Cedar Grove Neighborhood Essay

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Common Ground is a local nonprofit in the Shreveport Bossier area. It serves the Cedar Grove neighborhood, which is a neighborhood that is higher in crime and poverty. Common Ground has been creating relationships for over ten years within this neighborhood. Throughout the years they have created programs that help better serve the people within the neighborhood. Common Ground is a faith based organization that works towards following in the ways of Jesus.
History of Common Ground Common Ground was founded in 2004. Some of their volunteers have been investing within the Cedar Grove neighborhood before the nonprofit was established. Grace Community United Methodist Church was the facility in which Common Ground started out of as an outreach program. Kitchen Angels helped with a community meal and an after school tutoring program began. (Common Ground, 2016) In 2002, a group went to San Francisco to a Methodist Church to see how they could implant some of the programs back home at Grace. They chose to implant some of the programs and learn how to serve Cedar Grove. The more they work there the more they fell in love with Cedar Grove. When the property across from Faith came up for sell, they chose to purchase what is now known as the Bright House, the yellow house next to it, and the community garden. The community meal, after school care program, food pantry, and clothes closet moved across the street to the Bright House. In 2010, when Faith was closed…

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