Essay on Common Course Assignment On Gender

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Common Course Assignment on Gender
Gender matters to people. It matters to parents when they become pregnant and to children as they determine who they will play with on the playground. Gender, ultimately, matters. Gender and sex have been seemingly intertwined for so long, that only in the past few decades have they begun to untangle themselves. Sex, or biological sex, refers to the physical characteristics that make a man and a woman. Gender is all the features that society deems suitable for a particular sex. For example, women have less muscle mass and smaller bones than men do; furthermore, women earn less than men do. A woman’s bone structure is an example of a physical characteristic that pertains to her biological sex, but her earning status is an example of a gender difference. As both sex and gender disentangle, key aspects of gender are able to be vigorously discussed and dissected. One of the most heavily debated aspects is the roles that nature and nurture play in the determination of a persons’ gender. Nature and nurture both play a significant role in gender from birth through adulthood, and there is a wide range of factors that contribute to a person’s gender. However, determining which factors are biologically controlled and which factors are socially influenced has been difficult to ascertain. According to Sir Francis Galton (1874), an English psychologist from the 1800s, “nature is all that a man brings into the world; nurture is every influence from…

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