Common Core Will Help The Surface Deficit Thinking Mindset By Teachers

1240 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
According to principal Gaffney the implementation of common core will bring to the surface deficit thinking mindset by teachers. She believes that long-held racist practices in her urban school district will develop because now all students will be required to experience rigorous content material. One example she provides is that previously in her district only students in advanced or gifted classes were exposed to novels like The Metamorphosis. Now, all students in the tenth grade will be required in her district to read a book similar to The Metamorphosis. Consequently, she believes teachers will raise the argument that “students can’t handle it and that they can’t do it.” Yet, her response to this teacher argument is, “well they haven’t been prepared, but they can do it if we give them access to the books. You learn how to read; step one read, step two, read some more; step three, read.” As this response illustrates, principal Gaffney is not willing to accept excuses by educators that students cannot learn more rigorous content material. In addition, she points out that through conversations with her teaching staff she has garnered that some teachers in her school do not see the value of black and Latino students. She had this to say, “just based on their conversations about students and even with a lot of my Latino students, they approach from a deficit-mindset of these students, and I hate that, these students have nothing.” As a result, Gaffney implemented a…

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