Common Core State Standard State Standards Essay example

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Common Core State Standard

The Common Core State Standards have become a controversial topic among teachers, parents, government, and businessmen. Much has been written about the topic which has made it a bit confusing. The Common Core State Standards or CCSS, are a set of expectation or standards that students should be capable of performing in math and English language arts for every grade level. There are currently 45 states that have fully adopted the CCSS. (ABC ) The Common Core State Standards have the potential to significantly improve the outcomes and equity in our state’s educational programs, therefore the standards should stay as they are and not be removed as many people debate. (Wiener)
According to Ross Wiener, Vice President and Executive Director of The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program, the purpose of the CCSS is to prepare students to succeed in their college and career pursuits. The CCSS provides scaffolding for building students to build their learning upon then be able to master the skill. (Tepe) English language arts and math are currently covered by the CCSS, Science and Technology should be integrated into English language arts. (Common; English) According to the National Education Association or NEA, core state standards for science and social studies are underway.
Idaho is one of the states that have adopted the CCSS. Idaho had a real academic challenge; too many students were graduating from high school and were not adequately…

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