Essay Common Complaint After Suffering A Stroke Pain

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Strokes occur when a blood vessel supplying the brain is blocked and the area of brain tissue relying on this blood supply is starved of oxygen, resulting in ischemia and eventually a lesion (Hademenos & Massoud, 1997). These lesions can have long-term implications for an individual, depending on their location. One common complaint after suffering a stroke is chronic pain that can occur in various forms such as shoulder pain, spasticity, headache, muscular, or centrally mediated pain (Klit et al., 2009). Not all of these types of pain are caused directly by a lesion. Lesions causing spasticity result in increased muscle tone and tendon jerks, leading to stiffness and pain, an example of post-stroke pain as a secondary symptom (Thibau et al., 2013). Additionally, nociceptive pain in the shoulder is caused by changed posture and muscle tone post-stroke rather than a direct lesion (Hansson, 2004). However, one particular type of post-stroke pain, called central post-stroke pain (CPSP), is the direct result of a brain lesion caused by a stroke (Klit et al., 2009). Central neuropathic pain may have some similarities with peripherally mediated neuropathic pain, and thus may help us better understand chronic pain. This paper aims to determine the similarities between central pain and peripherally mediated pain.

Neuropathic pain occurs from a nervous system lesion, and is distinguished by random bursts of burning pain in various areas of the body that is not otherwise explained…

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