Common Characteristics Of Entertainment And Media Industry Segments

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1. Discuss the common characteristics of entertainment and media industry segments. Media and entertainment industry segments both work to gain the attention, and then the business, of consumers. The products and services they offer are large in variety, as there are numerous segments within each industry. These segments provide different type of entertainment to the user. These segments include print media, radio, television, film, video games, and advertising. Media companies make up the main section of the core copyright industry. While media industries create, produce, market, and distribute the books, music and such, the entertainment segments focus on things like film. Both segments utilize the CAGR formula, which is a way to measure how an industry will do, revenue wise. Also, both of these segments depend on technology, specifically on the manufacturers of technology, as that constantly changes the path of these industries.

2. On page 52, your text looks at some shared economic aspects of entertainment and media industries. Discuss two of these, making sure you understand what the economic terms mean. (You may need to do some additional online research.)

One of the shared economic aspects of entertainment and media industries is differentiated markets. In differentiated markets, enterprises produce many varieties of the same types of products. Marketing strategies are important to create a specific and comprehensive approach to a marketing campaign.…

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