Essay On Police Shooting

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In today’s society it is not uncommon to see people openly talking bad about police or how the police are just here to kill unarmed black people. While I realize that there have been mistakes made by some police officers and police department across the country, as a whole they do not represent all of the police officers and departments in America. Research has shown that a common cause behind unjust police shooting is not based on the race of the suspect but instead has to do with the police officer experiencing anxiety, clouding his or hers judgment and emotions in the given tense situation.

The death of Michael Brown is one of the most widely known cases in America of police brutality. It was the breaking point between African-American and police relationships. With all the controversy going on in Ferguson most people did realize that there was an investigation into that shooting and
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People started the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and this began a long battle that is still going on today that the police forces of America our racist. Now I’m not saying BLM movement is good or bad, that’s not what I’m here to do. I am how ever saying that it is not that the police forces of America is racist it is just that in situations where there is a lot of emotions between both side weather it is the perpetrated think the cop is racist or the police thinking that he’s going to be called a racist. Sometimes there’s more to the story then just what you can see. In recent studies with police officers has shown that under anxiety, police officers shoot faster, alter their visual orientation, and are more easily distracted by task irrelevant, threat-related visual information like increased stimulus-driven behavior (Nieuwenhuys & Oudejans, 2010, 2011). So when you see that a cop has shot X number of bullets and think why did he have to shoot that

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