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The event that marked my transition from childhood to adulthood within my family was not easy nor tranquil, yet a long journey that was extremely challenging. During the time span from 2012-2013 I was submerged in the experience of my sophomore year of high school. Looking back on my sophomore year, I remember being carefree, still just a kid. Likewise, the only worries I had to fret over was finding my place in the large social scene of my high school and what time softball practice was. However, all that began to change a few weeks into the New Year of 2013, where my life was turned upside down. In January, my father underwent a L4-L5 spinal fusion. He was a paramedic. My father has such a beautiful and inspiring passion for …show more content…
Thus, my transition from childhood to adulthood was an extreme one because beforehand I had little responsibility. I was happy-go-lucky, the face of childhood innocence, where my only real duty was doing well in school and cleaning my room. Now, I had all the responsibility of the household. Furthermore, it was my job to make sure my father was taken care of and recovering properly, I also took care of my little sister who was greatly struggling from the divorce and the separation with our mother. I began to solely manage the house by cooking and cleaning, also school, extra-curricular activities, volunteering in my church, and embarking on my journey of the recruiting process so I could achieve my lifelong goal of playing softball at the collegiate level. My situation was hard, and as I matured further, I came to realize that the world is not a perfect place, nor are the people in it. I did not let the reality check of my parents’ sudden divorce break my view of the world, rather shape it. The mark of this transition left me with tougher skin, blessed me with a strength in time management, and a resiliency to hardship. I firmly believe that my transition from a child into an adult shaped who I am today. As a result of the difficulties that I have faced throughout my high school career I have become compassionate and selfless. Thus, I am grateful that the world is not a perfect place because then there would have been no opportunity for me to grow into

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