Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Essay

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SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Concepts
MKT500 Assignment #1
January 21, 2012
Shedrick Williams Jr.

SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Service is a veteran owned business entering into its first year of business. SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Concepts recognize the need to provide a quality health based cleaning service to the locally owned business community. The objective of SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Concepts is to provide a more comprehensive and innovative health based cleaning system that promotes a much healthier atmosphere to work in. For a much more affordable cost or maybe less than the current commercial cleaning company, SWJ Cleaning Services can help keep employees, members or
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Therefore, initially the target market will be healthcare facilities such as medical, dental, and laboratories. In the healthcare world today areas such as acute care, long-term care and ambulatory facilities all present challenges for disease transmission. Medical facilities such as practitioner's offices, labs and treatment centers continue to see increases in the spread of infections due to improper cleaning. By providing a thorough routine health-based cleaning service, the overwhelming risk of employees becoming infected by disease will be significantly decreased. As outlined in the OSHA Act of 1970 (, SWJ Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning concepts is committed to assisting the employer with maintaining the integrity of enforcing the standards clearly identified in the act. This effort will result in ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for its employees on a daily basis. In addition to creating a detailed marketing plan, there are several other challenges that have been addressed in regards to the different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengths | Explanation | Ownership/Management | The Owner is a retired military veteran that possesses strong leadership qualities. | Staff | Dedicated/motivated staff fully trained. All employees have favorable background checks. | Certifications/Affiliations | All employees are thoroughly trained in compliance with

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