Commercial Analysis Of Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Essay

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1. Commercial analysis of WM Morrison Supermarkets plc
According to Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC (2015), Wm Morrison Supermarket PLC is one of the UK’s fourth largest supermarket group whose objective is to provide high quality and fresh products to customers. Morrisons is a value-led grocer and has their own manufacturing production facilities to meet the requirements of all customers which the best products. Especially, they focus on fresh food. The group is confident in their controlling over the provenance of their supply chain. To be satisfied all their customers’ demand, the group has launched a multi-channel with many convenience stores and online coverage. Obviously, Morrisons’ competitors are others three largest supermarket group which is J Sainsbury PLC, Asda Group Limited and Tesco PLC. Recently, the group also competes with two discounters which is Aldi and Lidl. To gain a whole picture of Morrisons’ strategic position, SWOT analysis is considered. Morrisons has a strength in focusing on fresh food, which is different and cannot match by other supermarket in UK. They focus on supplying fresh food not only the Group but also in their new online and convenience businesses. By using vertically integrated ‘farm to fork’ business model, they manufacture more than half of the fresh food; running their own abattoirs, food production factories, farm for research and development goal and distribution network. Moreover, Morrisons aim to supply their high quality products…

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