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An investigative study on the business ownership: in particular, John Chea #1 & #8 as a private limited company.

A research paper presented in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course BGCSE Commerce.

Candidate Name: Chymia Johnson
School Name: St. Andrews School
Date Submitted: 29th August, 2013

Table of contents

Title Page
Introduction 3
Chapter One: Determine what type of company John Chea is 5
Chapter Two: Find out the types of services John Chea provide for its customers
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These wholesalers are trying to make it easy as possible for small independent retailers, which are the vendors, to compete with large retailers by offering goods at the lowest price possible. Additionally, the restaurant service is offered. The kitchen is situated midway in the store. Customers can call to order their food and pick it up or they can come in person. Delivery service is not offered as yet. Chinese food and Bahamian food is sold from the restaurant. Some dishes offered are:
Egg Rolls
Chicken Lo Mein
Chicken Noodle Soup
Pepper Conch
Curry Grouper
Shrimp Chop Seuy
Sweet And Sour Seafood

Below is the deli part of the restaurant in John Chea.

As we a can see, there is a variety services offered by John Chea. Overall, the retail and wholesale services are used the most by customers.

Advertising is the paid, impersonal, one-way marketing of persuasive information from an identified sponsor disseminated through channels of mass communication to promote the adoption of goods, services or ideas. There many different forms businesses can advertise. They include:
Word of mouth
The graph below shows the most effective form of advertisement for college students.

John Chea uses three forms of advertisement:

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