Essay about Commentary On Mental Health Poster

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Commentary on mental health poster

This commentary will critically examine the way that mental health has for centuries arguably been associated with crime. It is evident that on occasions individuals are subject to discrimination because of their mental health issues and are often labelled as more likely to participate in criminal behaviour, particularly when it involves violent or aggressive acts. This commentary will also examine the way the media and television are thought to strongly influence the public’s view on the mentally disordered population. It will also look at how individuals with mental health issues are perceived by the public and treated in society. Additionally this commentary will consider the evidence that shows occasionally patients with mental health disorders can feel stigmatised by trained mental health professionals. Mentally disordered individuals are argued to be more likely to be victims of a crime, rather than an offender. However this isn’t often shown in the media. Additionally the commentary will discuss mental health disorders within prisons. The criminal justice system still accommodates many of those with mental disorders within the prison population, as there isn’t enough beds within hospitals to make transfers.

Jones (2013) suggests that mental health issues have generally become linked with crime, specifically violent crime. This view in particular may be argued to stem from media influences. Taylor (1993) cited in Jones (2013)…

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