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comm600 full course latest 2016 feb all weeks discussions all assignments and all quizzes

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i Learners! :) For this discussion topic, you will make your main post by Saturday of Week One (January 9) and post two substantive replies to classmates by Tuesday of Week One (January 12). This topic is required and graded, and your main post will be worth 60 points, with your two thorough, substantive replies to classmates being worth 20 points each. You will be graded on the quality, depth, and level of expansion and detail in your main and reply posts.
This semester
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• What are the effects identified in this video? In other words, what effects on business, culture, society, etc. are millennials having?
• Please draw upon your own experience or understanding of millennials as you consider whether you agree, disagree, or partially agree/disagree.
Millennials: A discussion on video
This video discussion about millennials is a little over 9 minutes long: Questions to consider as you view and reflect on the video:
1. Do the authors, Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais, agree with the conclusions of the "60 Minutes" video about the impact of millennials? On what points do they agree? In what areas do they disagree?
2. At around the 2:50 mark in the video, Michael D. Hais argues that we will see "softer" and "more optimistic" music and more team players in professional sports because of the millennial generation. Do you agree with this? Why or why not? Give examples from your own life, experience, or knowledge of music and sports (or any other areas that might be appropriate).
3. At around the 4:00 mark in the video, Michael D. Hais says that millennials see government as "almost like a parent" in some ways. How does this mirror the analysis in the "60 Minutes" video?
4. Scroll down the web page and look at the comments by viewers. What points of critique or disagreement do viewers make? Do the comments

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