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CASE STUDY FOR STUDENT ANALYSIS There were two issues with Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter that ABC hired to help with hiring new trainees. One is lack of training, and the other is a lack of communication within the company. These are a couple of critical steps to having an excellent on-boarding process with a new employee. It is critical to not only the success of the new employee but for the company as well. The way a company trains and communicates the needs of the company to its new employee indicates the value they put in the individual that the company hired. If a company does not have an established training program and clear and open lines of communication with the trainees it puts less value in the
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Things such as getting the drug analysis completed and making sure he had received the transcripts of each new hire. Additionally if Monica and Carl would have communicated more efficiently things could have went better. Although Carl recruited the new hires, was he responsible for setting up a location for the new hires to be rained at? It was unclear of it was his responsibility or Monica’s.
If Carl was properly trained in the process of not only recruiting the new hires but also bringing them on board properly a lot of these things could have been avoided. If Monica and Carl would have communicated better some of these things could have been avoided as well.
One of the things that ABC could do is bring in a consulting firm that specializes in training companies and its employees the importance of communication. The company goes through things like how important communication is within company and shows them good solid examples of the benefits of having good open lines of communication within the company. I have seen this work with companies in civilian life and in my military career as well. Another would be to establish training/on-boarding policy. A clear and concise outline of what happens when a new hire comes on board no matter at what level in operation, supervising or in management. It would start with an orientation for the new hire from an HR standpoint, going over things such as insurance

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