Comm/215 Final Research Paper

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Final Research Paper
26 Oct 2010

Introduction For years environmentalists have been screaming about going green, recycling and reusing products, and so forth. So the idea of our vehicles using alternative fuel sources would be a welcomed change. With the dozen of vehicles and fuel sources being introduced, it is now a possibility to add alternative fuel vehicles to our rental car fleet. Through this presentation, gasoline and alternative fuel vehicles will be fully outlined; the history, the sources of fuel, and consumer incentives will all be explained.
Gasoline vehicles Gasoline powered vehicles are the types of vehicles that are commonly used around the world. Gasoline powered vehicles utilize an internal
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Biodiesel does not need to be imported from another country and can be mixed with petroleum diesel to help reduce emissions. Ethanol is another flex fuel already in use at gas pumps everywhere currently named E85 and a flex fuel vehicle can use either ethanol (E85) or gasoline to fill the tank. It can also be produced around the U.S. using natural materials like biodiesel and helps to clear the air. Oil drilling produces a byproduct called natural gas that can power an alternative fuel vehicle. The key word is natural for this gas as its sources can come from landfills which produce methane and natural gas fields. Propane is a clean burning fuel and is used in some industrial vehicles such as forklifts. The only downside to using propane is it has to manufacture and is not naturally made like its counterparts. Hydrogen is another alternative fuel choice and it is transferring the natural element of water into a power source for an engine. Lastly, electricity is a power source that may just compete with biodiesel in popularity. This alternative fuel source can come from wind and solar energy as well as nuclear energy. Vehicles that run on pure electricity do not produce any emissions while hybrids produce very little. Also, instead of running on batteries, electricity powered vehicles can be powered with fuel cells. The only downside of electric use as a fuel source is the fuel stations used to

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