Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi By Ann Moody Essay

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Ann Moody in 1968 published her autobiography “Coming of Age in Mississippi. The book depicted her experience growing up as an impoverished Southern African American. She was involved at the time, in the 1960s, with the Civil Rights Movement.
Essie Mae first incident with racism was at the movie theater and the encounter stirred a curiosity inside her on the racial discrimination-taking place in the South. It made her question the supposed difference between been black and white; frankly, to her the skin color did not


matter. She had made two white friends, Katie, and Bill, a first for her; developing a close relationship with them who in turn allowed her to ride their bikes and skates. It so happened that Essie’s mother always took her and her siblings to the movies every Saturday, an area segregation was heavily enforced. A theater policy required blacks to sit in the balcony while the bottom seats were reserved for the whites. At the entrance Essie, her sister and brother noticed both Katie and Bill seated at the lower level and they could not wait to join up with their friends, and began to make their way to the bottom level only for their mother to stop them and quickly drag them out. The three children could not understand why their mother refused to let them join their friends. The whole situation made Essie young mind curious on the difference in skin color. Ann Moody writes that she realized “They were white and that fact supposedly meant they were better. It…

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