Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi : An Autobiography About Life Of Anne Moody And Her Struggles With Growing Up

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Coming of Age in Mississippi is an autobiography about life of Anne Moody and her struggles with growing up black in Mississippi. As a child, Moody could never comprehend the lack of fairness among blacks and whites. As she grew older she expected to understand and find out why races were unequal. However, when she never found the answers to those questions, she felt a great deal of frustration. Moody wanted equality for African Americans and she wanted to join the cause to support them. She gained knowledge of an organization known as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, but it happens to be banned in Mississippi. Her mother, Toosweet, did not support her decisions because her mother wanted to do the right thing and follow the rules. Moody wasn’t the type to follow the rules; she wanted to revolt against the cause of segregation and continued to join the movement. One of the events that led Moody to support the Civil Rights movement was the murder of Emmett Till. The event did not only ignite her fire to support the Civil Rights movement but it showed the different views between her family and herself. The murder of Emmett Till had made Moody furious about the event but her mother on the opposite side of the murder. Moody’s mother saw the murder as a mistake Emmett had caused on himself. She expressed her view towards Moody stating, “Just like them low-down skunks killed him they will do the same to us” (Moody, 127). She feared of Moody…

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