Coming Of Age In Samoa Summary

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Well-known fact that in ancient times women are more involved in housekeeping and childcare than men, and the deeper you look into history, the more you see that women do not hold a dominant position in society. In past woman had no rights (except the obligation to bear children), could not fully control over their lives. The woman was part of the housekeeping, which was passed to the husband by marriage. Moreover, girls could marry at age 12, and their consent was asked seldom. At all times, women are forced into the care of her family, without revealing their talents. As a result, there are very few examples in the history of women who were good writers, actors and public figures.
In the 20th century the problem was uncovered
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She was the most famous anthropologist in the world. However, her major at the college was psychology, while anthropology was just a field of interest. The most famous Margaret’s work is “Coming of Age in Samoa”, based on the study of the youth, especially girls, lived in the Samoan Islands. Margaret Mead was died because of the pancreatic cancer in 1978 [5].
The book "Sex and Temperament in three primitive societies" was first published in 1935. The book includes anthropological study of three primitive societies. That study allowed Margaret Mead to make a theory that musculine and feminine qualities are not based on the difference between the sexes, but depend on cultural conditions in a given society.
First of all, in Arapesh society men and women played a similar role: “ The Arapesh recognize a minimum of distinction in personality between old and young, between men and women, and they lack categories of rank or status” [6]. Moreover, there was no violent person, but there were people who did not accept personal frustration.
The second society is called Mundugumor. And here, like in Arapesh society, men and women are equal. However, women had more masculine characteristics, as “Mundugumor consider fishing an essentially feminine task” [7]. Mundugumor women were violent and invasive as a
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However, her study of three primitive societies and her essay about this in the book "Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive societies" helped to create the intellectual space in which women began to find ways to implement the numerous opportunities that were previously forbidden to them.
Roles of women in 21st century.
There is no doubt that women have come a long way from the discrimination they face in the past centuries when it became possible to be educated and working. However, nowadays there is still a fair amount of inequality when it comes to the role of women in the working world. But thanks to the evolution and through researcher role of women in society, in our time, women have more rights and more freedom, they are not afraid to express their ideas and to fight for their existence and their good life.
According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 66.7 percent of women ages 25 to 64 have at least attended college, and 93.1 percent of women have graduated high school. Moreover, a study which is done by U.S. Department of Commerce, gives a statistics, that in 2007, 7.8 million businesses were privately owned by women

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