Coming Into Nursing School : My Experience With A Psychiatric Patient

803 Words Dec 29th, 2014 4 Pages
Coming into nursing school, I was always set on wanting to work with women and delivering babies. I thought nothing could change my mind. However, after the completion of my Mental Health course and clinical, I discovered a new interest. Working with these clients in an outpatient setting gave me a sense of accomplishment that I have not felt in any other clinical. I was able to use my communication skills non-stop in this setting, and I really enjoyed interacting with these clients. Communicating and getting them to tell their stories drew me in immediately to these clients. Also, the patience and critical thinking skills that need to be developed kept me intrigued. Interestingly, this was not my first experience with a psychiatric patient. I grew up with a relative who was diagnosed with a mental condition. I recall her having episodes, in which she discussed how family portrait pictures’ eyes used to follow her, and she intermittently was having conversations with people who were not present. Unusually, she excited me with her condition. I wanted to learn and get immersed into her mind. With this clinical rotation and that experience, I felt I could bring so much to this field of nursing, such as compassion, patience, open mind and heart, advocacy, and a helpful spirit. Upon the closing of my journey from my undergraduate career at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Nursing, I cannot see myself receiving my graduate prepared learning from any other…

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