Coming Home Essay

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How does the poet bring out the theme of ‘passing of time’ in the poem ‘Coming Home’?
The poem ‘Coming Home’ by Owen Sheers, explores the description of the poets visits to his family, and how the passage of time has changed some things and make some things feel odd. There are three main characters in this poem, namely the mother, father and the grandfather, as well as the narrator, who is the poet and reflecting on this visit of his. It is in the form of omnipresent narration, which gives it somewhat of a constant flow throughout each stanza. The reflection is done in a low tone, which makes the reader not focus at any particular part of the poem, while the vivid imagery and attention to detail captivates the readers mind throughout the
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The kinesthetics shown in this stanza (kneading, flipping, patting) also appeal to the auditory senses.
The second stanza talks of the father working outside in a farm. The poet says that his father still goes outside, which tells us that it is a force of habit to keep doing what he wants to do. This stanza conveys a certain kind of sorrow, which is probably experienced by the poet for his father, since the work which his father does leaves a visible toll on him, which makes others around him worried because the father is of old age. The work which he does is tiring, and we know this from the line “frozen breaths snagged on the blackthorn”, which paints a vivid picture of the father panting while doing this work. This stanza conveys an emotion of pity for the father, and when seen from another point of view, showcases the concern and pity which the poet feels for his father. This stanza again connects with the idea of passing of time, since it shows the difficulty faced by the father who is now older and not as strong as he once was.
The third stanza is considerably shorter than the previous two, probably because of the theme of oncoming death that is evident in this stanza. There seems to be some sort of tradition of the grandfather pouring the wine at the dinner table, which tells us that some things can truly withstand the force of passing time, even though people may not. Also, the reader gets the

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