Coming Here As An International Student Essay

1011 Words Jul 12th, 2016 null Page
Thesis: Coming here as an international student, I faced a great challenge in language barrier, and illegal immigrants are experiencing the same difficulty; that is why, although the United States government’s policies toward immigration change over time, I support current actions to be easier on undocumented immigration.
Why I am here?
I decided to study in the U.S because of its superior education system, compared to Vietnam’s. The education system in Vietnam is very obsolete, and uninspiring. I was a little bit shocked when I read Ayon’s essay “Social class and the hidden curriculum of work” because the way she described the working-class schools is exactly how I would describe schools in Vietnam. When I was in high school, all I did was copying what teachers wrote on boards down to my notebooks and following their instructions. Every student has to study thirteen compulsory subjects, passes four whole-grade concentrated tests, and couples more casual tests and quizzes for each subject a year. That kind of overwhelming education kills all of students’ motivation, and authority, turns all young people into workers. On the contrary, the U.S’s education system is one of the best ones in the world that not only provides students a practical knowledge, give them the authority they need to do well, but also motivate them to be leaders. Studying here, I can choose whatever class I like, whoever teacher I want to study with. Preceptors often encourage students to express their…

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