Coming From An Indian Background Essays

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I’ll admit that coming from an Indian background, I did feel that there were expectations for me to choose a career in the science field. I applied for college as a mathematics major because I knew I was good at it, but thought it would be too boring for me so I switched to business. Halfway through the summer before freshman year, I decided I wanted to become a journalism major because business seemed too rigid too. The moment I signed off on the major declaration form, anxiety swept over me and I questioned whether I made the right decision. Would I be able to support my family with this job? Would I be able to have a family? Would I be able to afford the house of my dreams and fulfill all my responsibilities? These were some of the hundreds of questions running through my mind at the time. But as one of my first real journalism classes in college (Media Literacy and Speech for Communication Arts seemed more like prerequisites to me), Newswriting reaffirmed my decision and I witnessed my writing strengthen in the past 15 weeks. Like any college student, there are phases where I question what I’m doing with my life, but I remind myself that I have this innate writing talent and as cliché as it sounds, it will get me through those rough patches.
I graduated high school as the editor-in-chief of my school paper, which made me confident about continuing writing in college. But during my first year at Ramapo, I only wrote once for the school newspaper and that article…

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