Coming From A Mysterious Alien World Essay

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The booming voice called out for my little family of four to board our plane, a plane that would take us to the depths of a mysterious alien world. Or at least that’s what little six-year-old me thought when I left my home country of Cuba to come to the United States. That was a time of emotional turmoil for me, feeling the pain of leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. There was the excitement and fear of coming to a new unknown place, but there was also a feeling of dread at this vast language barrier that I was facing, and finally accepting and adapting to this new life. Coming from Cuba was a difficult experience that helped me grow and learn.
When I first left Cuba, my initial emotions were dejection and depression. It was a heartbreaking moment for me. I had just left behind everything I knew: almost my entire family, every single one of my friends, and my home. I was leaving behind who I was. Those were awful feelings for me to have at such a young age, but what perked me up was what I imagined America would be like. “Mom,” I exclaimed after weeks of being in this country, “I thought that we were going to be super rich, live in a mansion, and I would never have to go to school again.”
In between laughter, my mother’s response was, “Life is hard no matter what, but don’t we all wish it could have been like that.” Of course, the whole conversation was in Spanish because our English was truly abysmal.
Even though my initial emotions lingered for months, the…

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