Coming For Roadmap Class With Mr. Whalen Essay

1012 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Coming to Roadmap class with Mr. Whalen was tons of fun because he made everything interesting so that me and my classmates would be engaged. This course required every student to read a novel written by Ken Bain titled, What the Best College Students do. At first, I did not want to read this novel because it seemed to long and boring. The professor connected the novel perfectly to class activities and discussions that I enjoyed reading it. I would agree that Bain wanted to demonstrate students that they all have goals and potentials to meet. He wanted students to realize that they have a better person within themselves and that they should bring the best out of them no matter the situation. With the Bain I encouraged myself to apply some key points he mentioned in my life and career to bring out the best in me. Bain gives all students great tips for their lives, academic work, and careers; he guides us to think about our thinking and get to know who we truly are. In the first chapter of the novel, Bain talks about metacognition; this is when we think about our thinking. The My Passions project that I worked on for Mr. Whalen made me really think freely because I was not sure about what I wanted to do my project on. I had to take a couple of days to sit down and refresh my mind on what I really had a fashion for. It turns out that there are many mini passions that I have and they all fall under a fashion category. I discovered things about myself as Bain said, “to be…

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