Comics, The X-Men, and Popular Culture Essay

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Ismael Nava
Cultural Studies
May 9, 2013
Comics, The X-Men, and Popular Culture The genre of comic books and the characters that are included in this fictional universe have taken an importance seat in American popular culture today. Comics can serve many purposes. Comics can be the favorite entertainment material that a person chooses to read. Comics can help someone pass the time as they take a break from a walk around their local mall, airport, or grocery store. The comic book can be the form of art a person enjoys the most in reading material because it serves not only as a visual stimulant, but also provides as a getaway from the realities of life. Comics can also serve the purpose as the main literary source that a person
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Of course, they introduced this into the X-Men’s realm. Fans could now read about the team fighting in different cosmic universes as they interacted with alien-life forms, both good and evil. Throughout these years the team would meet up with the Canadian team Alpha-Flight and battle cosmic enemies, such as the extraterrestrial race called The Brood. Using the successes they had with the 1970’s team, new characters were introduced to the team in the 1980’s that specifically could relate to new and different cultural trends that had occurred in American society. One character who was created to match that day and age was Dazzler. She was a punk rock singer, who wore bright neon colors with long frizzy hair that could turn waves of sound into an energized weapon. She resembled real life personas such as Bo Derek and Daryl Hannah. This character was made to advertise beauty, performance, and the lifestyle of Hollywood stardom. From the blog post of Jim Shooter, recapping the history of this character, “Dazzler #1 was the first all-Direct comic book (at least from a major publisher). It sold 428,000 copies” (2011). Commercially, The X-Men provided many different characters with interesting storylines. This kept a strong fan base, which made the comic one of Marvel’s top selling titles going into the next decade. With the advancements in network television and the technologies that provided computer animation, Marvel planned to capitalize

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