Personal Narrative: The Come Up

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“The Come Up”
Do you recall the middle school years where you would day-dream about what you were going to turn out to be? For me, I always thought of happiness, independent, and successful. Many things shape a person as to who they are. Self-awareness and confidence seemed to be the main thing that stands out for me at all times. My future goals have a good value of meaning to me and the things that I have stumbled upon helped me to have a different outlook on life and go on the path to making it where I want to be. Certain obstacles developed a new characteristic that I could take with me to apply to the new chapters in my life.
Most individuals have had a loved one in bad condition at a point in time. For me, it was my mother. I had to step
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That is what a young under stressed teen becomes after hard work starts to show and pay off. Once I had mastered my schedule and figured out how to work things out for the best everything was close to perfect. Eventually, it was time to move out and be on my own. I graduated high school and got a full ride scholarship to Thomas University, or Fort Valley State University for Psychiatric (rehabilitation). I was over excited because it is my dream to live in Georgia and I got accepted. The moving process was not as simple as I thought. I didn’t have much as a teen but some of my valuable belonging got left behind and the others got broke with different people handling it. First few weeks was awesome; I didn’t have other people rules, out and on my own in a whole nother state; got to enjoy the space from all the love ones but then it became a little hard. Class work became overwhelming then I realized that the skill of managing my free time still hadn’t been one I had got in control yet. The little job I had was getting me by in the beginning but then it was obvious that I needed some other form of payment. I had no idea of what I was going to do but I knew it was not going to be packing my belongings and going back home. The decision was hard only because I was already having trouble trying to keep up with my school work to be somewhat successful later in life. Coming to the conclusion of I needed to get another job or a higher wage one and …show more content…
All my obstacles made me who I am today and helped improve as an individual. I use some of my skills to make ones like me or in worse conditions feel like there is hope. While being away from loved ones was tough and things were going on that I couldn’t be there for was not easy. I pushed through them and can motivate some to do the same. Leaving off and not having anyone there in touchable reach was another fieldstone that didn’t help the thoughts. Not having as much as my peers in the high school years made me strive for better and now I have all that I could ask for and more. The statement can be said that meeting this new guy makes up for the time that I missed and was all alone. Gives me a chance to start another good thing and bounce off of the goodness he has as well. My eye opening experience assisted me in gaining the new person that was inside of me all along. There are always going to be something trying to get in the way but if you do certain things you can overcome the situation. I have now flattered myself to the winner. I’m pretty sure there could be an even stronger way to be in life but I am just happy with this one. Stumbling is what I did all the way to this point, and I am grateful for it

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