Come Back Early Today: Which Drug Would You Choose?

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Which Drug Would You Choose? I did not know what Alzheimer’s disease was until I spent extended time with my great aunt Vickie. I was visiting her during a family vacation and over a few hours she kept repeating herself to me, asking the same question over and over. I asked my mother why Aunt Vickie was unable to remember my name and who I was. My mother explained to me that, at 89, the elderly start to lose their memory. She explained it as, “when people get older they start to lose their memory, it is not something to worry about.” Well, it is something to worry about as my Aunt Vickie died from Alzheimer’s, a disease that effects the brain. Since my Aunt’s death, my mom researched the disease and decided to get involved with the Alzheimer’s …show more content…
Marie states all the facts about the drug and also gives reasons why people do not like to use them. Which helps the reader understand as to why they should or should not use the drug. The author also ends the article with a logical question that leaves the reader thinking. “For patients with the most severe symptoms -- and only those with the most severe symptoms -- it basically comes down to this: Would you rather have your loved one continue living with agitation, psychosis, mania or other extreme conditions, or would you rather try to afford your loved one a better quality of life despite the risks?” (Marley 1). This effects the reader’s emotions because the reader has to mentally think about their loved ones of this question because if you are a family member of a person who is diagnosed with this disease they cannot think for themselves anymore, their life is practically in your hands. This is a good example of a source of information a college person or someone looking to learn more about the topic should

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